Og’s Hunt

A soft breeze made the golden stalks of grass rustle around Og. His legs trembled as he inched closer to the four deer grazing in the lakeside meadow. If he didn’t make a kill soon, the tribe would banish him. Too many things had gone wrong on group hunts. They said he was cursed, but he’d show them. Today he’d return with the biggest hunk of meat.

Only a few more yards, and the deer would be in range. Og took another step and froze at the sound of rattling bones. Dread nearly overwhelmed him as he searched franticly for the source and saw….

“A giant porcupine crawls out from under a bush.”

“Jack, you’ve got to be kidding!”

“Sorry Og, random encounter. You moved right passed its den and you smell like boar fat.”

“Oh, for god’s sake. Og steps back.”

“Roll percentiles.”


“Og slips on a pile of deer droppings. The porcupine charges.”

“This is ridiculous. Og throws a rock.”

“Roll to hit. You’re prone, so it’s negative five.”

“Damn, I rolled a one!”

“Ooh,” said Jack, rubbing his hands. He grinned. “I love fumbles. Pick a card.”

“Great. Shot your foot. Take 1d2 points dex damage. Speed is reduced by half until healed.”

Jack laughed, “Bad luck. The porcupine attacks. Take twenty points damage from the quills, ten from the claws, and fifteen from the bite. Oh, and the deer ran off.”

“I swear, if Og gets killed by a giant porcupine…”

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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1 Response to Og’s Hunt

  1. Love it! I can identify all too well.


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