The Ski Lesson

Brad screamed as they moved his leg, but finally they got him strapped into the rescue sled. Who breaks a leg on the bunny slope? The damn little kids were still zipping by left and right, just like the one that had cut him off. How could he have let his friends talk him into skiing at his age?  He winced as the sled hit a bump. At least the ski patrol was nice. The guy hauling him down the slope now had been particularly pleasant.

Half way back to the lodge his escort turned to face him. “So, Brad, will that be cash or credit?”


“Your ski pass says you didn’t take our ski insurance with your rental/lift package, so we should discuss your options.”

“Options? What are you talking about?” said Brad. The throbbing in his leg must be effecting his hearing.

“Do you want our recovery package or do you prefer to pay à la carte?

“What is this, an airline?”

“Where do you think we got the idea? Anyway, the recovery package is $500 but if you prefer à la carte, emergency medical response is $100. The ride down the mountain costs $250. Boot removal is $80 and there is an additional $100 fee to retrieve and return all your rental equipment for you.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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3 Responses to The Ski Lesson

  1. markmorrow says:

    Maybe my dream of working as Ski Patrol for a living could actually work out. 😉


  2. markmorrow says:

    Perhaps my dream of working as Ski Patrol for a living could actually work out. 😉


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