Balticon 46

There’s nothing like a Science fiction convention to bring out the wackiness in all of us and I mean that in a good way. This year’s Balticon which was held over Memorial Day weekend was no exception. Where else can costumers, writers, fans, and science geeks all hang out and have fun? I spent most of my time going to writing workshops and costuming workshops, but managed to slip in some anime and games. This year’s masquerade had only 24 entrants, but where they lacked quantity, they made up for in quality and presentation. The Best in Show winner titled, Basic Black, had me laughing hysterically. Ever see Jafar in a little black dress and heels? There were plenty of great costumes just walking around the halls as well. For Doctor Who fans, I saw a TARDIS and at least three Doctors. One of those Doctors was also in the masquerade along with a couple of Weeping Angels. The short film contest, which included a world premiere and several Maryland premieres, was quite enjoyable, but I wonder if some film makers truly understand the concept of telling a complete story. The Chase, directed by Philippe Gamer, won for anime and The Oblique Sector created by Albion Park Productions of Massachusetts won for live action.

Oh, did I mention I won the Hall Costume Contest for my Blue Dragon?

Balticon 47 will be held Memorial Day weekend of 2013. Come join the fun. You can find more information at the BSFS website. I hope to see some of you there next year.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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  1. myrickeaton says:

    Great blog. Loved the writing.

    Bonnie Myrick
    Keyhole Conversations


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