Location is Everything

My parents warned me to talk to the neighbors before buying a house. I didn’t listen. The house was beautiful and the schools were excellent. Who cared what the neighbors did for a living? I should have asked. Having genetic scientists next door isn’t all bad. They’re nice and the saber-tooth cat does keep the rodents away. It’s the triceratops’ that drive me crazy. I had to move my garden to the far side of the house so they wouldn’t eat my plants. And don’t get me started about mating season. We plan our vacations to avoid the ruckus.

Now Katie says she loves their son Kyle. He’s a nice young man, polite, and smart too. But really, would you want a son in law with wings? Can you imagine what their kids would look like? I just don’t know what to do! They are both going to the same university next fall. (To study genetics of course.) Last night Kyle came over with a dozen roses for Katie. (Normal ones, not the carnivorous flowers that ate the chihuahua down the street.) Then he politely asked if he could marry our daughter. What were we going to say, no? He may look unusual, but at least he has manners.

Somehow I get the feeling our grandkids are going to be fluttering around the house instead of crawling. Who knows, maybe they can find a way to make kids hibernate until after puberty. Less teenage drama would be nice.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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