Last Meal

Regrets? Of course Danny had regrets, most of them about that hamburger he never got to eat. He could still picture it when he closed his eyes. Hot, glistening juices soaked into the sesame topped bun. Perfectly seared meat, elegantly adored with a slice of cheddar and two crisp bacon strips. The scent filled Danny’s nostrils, making his mouth water. Sweet greasy onion rings piled generously on the plate completed the image. It was art, pure and simple. Something Danny didn’t expect to find in a small roadside diner, especially one named ‘Sanitary’. It sounded more like a hospital than a food establishment.

It had been a long time since that exquisite burger. Before Danny could take his first bite that idiot kid in the next booth had thrown his milkshake across the room. Half frozen chocolate glop contaminated his perfect hamburger. The kid deserved to have his neck broke. So did the parents that were supposed to be watching him. The rest of the patrons and the pretty waitress with the pink stripe in her hair, well… they laughed. The only one I let live was the artist who created that burger.

Twelve years and multiple trials and appeals later, Danny still longed for that flawless burger. If only they could have found that cook for his last meal. Saliva ran down his throat as they strapped him down and jabbed a needle into his arm. Only the memory remained. Food… perfection… and then, nothing.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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