Wing Man

It wasn’t fear that caused Brandon’s heart to pound and send chills running down his spine. How could he have forgotten the last time he saw creatures from legend appeared and magically vanish? The government had tried to convince everyone on the airplane that it had been an experimental jet, but Brandon hadn’t believed it.  Still, the experience sank into the recesses of his mind until it only existed as a childish fantasy.

Brandon leaned into the window, excitement building within. Instead of one, five dragons flew in perfect formation, their large leathery wings beating slowly. Five sets of eyes looked at him, examining his soul. Voices echoed in Brandon’s mind, calling him. The tantalizing pull left him breathless, filled with anticipation and desire.

“Come with us.”

To soar with dragons, the very thought made his heart race. But how could he? He had no wings. Only in dreams had he dared such a thing.

“You are a child of dragon blood, dragon kin. Come to us.”

If only Brandon could fly.  If only he could sit astride the lead dragon and touch those golden scales. Eyes squeezed tight, Brandon pictured himself gliding on the dragon’s back. His skin began to tingle.

Wind lashed at Brandon’s face. He reached for the chair in front of him only to feel scales and hear the rhythmic flapping of great leathery wings. The disorientation passed. Eyes opened, Brandon basked in the glory of flight.

“Welcome home dragon kin. Welcome to your inheritance.”

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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