I find it fascinating how different people can remember the same event in different ways. I got a call from my sister the other day right after she read my post titled A Pesach Story. She didn’t recall much of the food we ate at Seder growing up, but this is what she did recollect.

1. The smell of the apartment building as we entered and walked down the hall from the elevator. My sister thought it smelled like roast chicken, but to me it smelled like chopped liver. And yes, Grandma Dorothy made the best chopped liver.

2. There was always a small glass of tomato juice at everyone’s place setting. I had forgotten about the tomato juice until she mentioned it.

3.  Everyone chanted something at one point or another during the Seder, whether it be the blessing over the wine, the four questions, or other prayers. Sometimes it was the same prayer repeated by another family member. Perhaps this is why music is such an integral part of religious ceremony and celebration to me. From my earliest memories music has been a key element. Whether it be the chanting of a prayer or the comfort of family gathered around a piano, singing, happy.

4.  The Afikoman was broken so each child present had a piece to turn in for a prize. Being the youngest by more than five years, I don’t think I ever realized this.

5. The smell of the salty air. My grandparent’s apartment was on the beach. We could stand out on their balcony and watch the waves crashing on the sand. I have many fond memories of playing in those waves during the summer while my grandparents watched from the boardwalk.

Family = Love = Together

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I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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  1. Very nice reflection!!! It is quite interesting how each individual has a different perception. Key: Each of us is born in a different season (astrological sign and time: thus: different dimensions of time)!!!!!!


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