No Stopping


Mitch slammed his foot on the break, continuing to curse as the red light loomed rapidly closer. Eileen’s face twisted into an ugly snarl and her tone left no doubt of the contempt she felt for him.

“Don’t you dare stop this car until we get to the hospital.” She shook her hand for emphasis, displaying the palm sized creature clamped on her upper arm.

“Don’t worry,” he’d said when she delivered a package the postal carrier had given her by error. “It’s not dangerous.”

Wrong. When Eileen came near it had sunk its teeth and tail into her arm. He’d found the monkey-like creature in the woods the day after the meteor fell and didn’t give a second thought about bringing it home. Now his spontaneity had destroyed any chance he had with his dream girl. That same quirk had put him on the wrong side of trouble for years. If it wasn’t for Deputy Dunbar glaring at him from the lot across the way he would have run the light without thinking, but one more infraction and he’d lose his license for good.

Eileen opened her mouth and Mitch cringed, expecting another snarky complaint.

“Hey, Tiger.”

The words purred from her mouth, rich and husky. Her thick lashes fluttered, settling low across her eyes. Mitch saw the creature wink as Eileen kissed him long and hard. When the light turned, so did Mitch – right back home. That creature was staying right where it was.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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