Benny twisted the last bits of salvaged wire together. He wanted to hang with his friends before heading to college. Instead he ended up as first mate on a tour boat. His dad’s idea. Leave it to Captain Hill to shipwreck them on an uncharted island first trip out. Of course everyone blamed Benny, especially the captain. As if he controlled the weather.

That was nearly a year ago. The others had slowly lost their minds, even the captain, but Benny had a firm grip on reality. At least he thought he did. No one else on the island could see the pretty woman who claimed to be his dream guardian. She had helped him fix the radio. Maybe he was hallucinating. He’d know soon. Benny just needed to keep that loon Caractacus Potts away from the radio. Potts thought he was some kind of genius professor.

It wasn’t easy getting the sea charts from the captain, but Benny had managed. He paid Barron and Baroness Flemming with Truly Wood’s mud pies to get their extra coconuts. Movie star wanabe, Dee Dee Scrumptious, loved them. Scrumptious distracted Captain Hill while Benny snatched the charts. It had taken months to plan. Now Benny knew exactly where they were.

Tiny bubbles surrounded the taro root battery powering the radio. Benny crossed his fingers and flipped the switch, then transmitted their identification and location. It didn’t take long to get a response.


Damn. The captain must have noticed the missing charts. At least help was on its way.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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