“Goodness, Charles. You nearly broke the door slamming it open like that.”

“To hell with the door. We have to leave. They found us.”

Are you certain? It’s been years. Surely they’ve given up by now.

Well, they haven’t. Damned robotic hawk’s been watching me plow for weeks. I was just too stupid to realize it until now. Where’s Peter?”

“Oh, God. Not now. He’s out with Suzy.

“Again? He spends more time with her than us these days.”

“He’s in love, Charles. They’re in love. I’ll text him to come home.”

Are you insane? They sent a robotic bird to spy on us, Margaret. Hacking a phone is child’s play to them. Pack our things. I’ll get Peter’s. We’ll pop to the theater for him.

What about Suzy? He won’t leave her behind.

“Bad enough we have to look over our shoulders all the time, and with Peter’s abilities, it’s his fate as well. That’s no life for a country girl like Suzy.

Don’t you think that’s her choice?

We don’t have time for this.

Make time. Peter plans to marry her, with or without your approval.

And if she freaks out when we tell her about us, about our magic?

We do a memory spell and leave. But it won’t come to that. Suzy is stronger than you think. I think she has latent spell abilities.

If they find out they’ll make her life hell. Damn techies. Wish they’d leave us mages alone. Let’s go welcome the girl to the family.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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