Chocolate, gooey caramel. My mouth almost waters. If only I could still taste that luscious candy, but the reanimated can’t do that. It wouldn’t be bad if I got out more. I mean, Grandma is great and all. She brought me back to half-life after I was killed. It’s just not the same without other kids to play with. Halloween is the only day I can go outside without freaking the living. Believe me, you don’t want the pitchfork and torch brigade chasing you.

“Trick or Treat.” I hold out my sack with the other children.

A lady hands me a handful of candy. “Great Costume.”

I thank her and hurry toward the next house. Two little girls sob at the curb. Halloween should be fun, not sad.

“Are you ok?”

The bunny points a gloved paw at three disappearing teens. Her ears bounce with each sniffle. “They…took… our…candy.”

I hate bullies. “Here, take mine.”

Big, round, adoring eyes look up at me. Being undead has its perks. I track the thieves faster than a bloodhound.

“That candy isn’t yours.”

They laugh and tower around me. “Get lost or get pounded, squirt.”

“Squirt, is it.” I take a deep breath and squirt them with inky old blood.

A moment of stunned silence, then they clench their fists. I point down. They stare as skeletal hands reach up and pull them into the ground. Half-buried, they shriek and struggle.

“Don’t steal, especially from little kids on Halloween. I’ll be watching.”

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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