The Privatization of Star Trek

Nancy says it well. This pay to view decision is also why I haven’t bothered watching the pilot. There are plenty of other things to watch that aren’t going to cost me more money.

Nancy M. Griffis

When I first heard that CBS was going to make a new Trek tv show, I was thrilled. I’m a huge Trekkie. Janeway is my personal hero, Picard the man I most admire, and Spock a soulmate. I followed all the casting announcements like crazy. I admire all the showrunners and writers and actors involved.

Then I heard that CBS was going to air it solely on their online streaming service. I was puzzled at first, because that would limit the number of fans and advertising dollars. Why would CBS do that to themselves and the show? Didn’t they want to give it the best possible chance at success? We all know that just because it’s Trek, doesn’t mean it’s always going to be a huge hit.

I didn’t think about it much because it hadn’t even aired yet. Wasn’t even close, at that point. I figured CBS would…

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