WOLF NOTES: An Uncommon Interview – Steven Brust

081Welcome to WOLF NOTES, where interview questions stray from the rest of the pack. It’s nice to know the usual stuff like where an author gets their inspiration and why they write, but sometimes we need a little fun in our lives.

A big wolf welcome to the ever-witty Steven Brust.

skzb with dancers 2011 FestSteven Brust was born late in the Cenozoic Era at a place a mere 238,900 miles from the lonely, harsh desolation of the moon. From the moment of his birth, he launched a study of language, facial recognition, and tool using, while simultaneously beginning an intense regime of physical fitness.  He fell into a life of crime under the influence of Tuli, the Evil Dog of Evilness, a life which continued for many years.  At one point, aided by Captain Blondbeard the Space Pirate Kitty, he nearly succeeded in either taking over the world or destroying the universe, the record is unclear. The plot, which featured a machine (built by a mysterious parrot known only as “Doc”) that could predict the future, failed when the machine turned out to be only able to predict the plot of action movies. This led Brust to abandon his criminal activities and begin writing science fiction and fantasy novels. Only time will tell how much lower he’ll sink.


Wolf: If you could be any animal in the universe, what would it be and why?
Steven: I’ve always had a strange partiality for homo sapiens. I think because they’re a social animal with opposable thumbs.  I’ve got a weakness for opposable thumbs.

Wolf: If you had to pick a weapon, what would it be and why?
Steven: Rapier. Because it’s cool

Wolf: What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done to your characters?
Steven: I’ve gotta figure sex is on that list.

Wolf: What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to your characters?
Steven: I’ve gotta figure death is on that list.

Wolf: You’ve just been turned into a plant. Describe yourself.
Steven: Suddenly I don’t mind all the dung that gets thrown on me.

Wolf: Do you consider yourself a cat person, or a dog person?
Steven: Both, and a bird person.

Wolf: While walking in the woods you come across…
Steven: as charming, but a bit lost.

Wolf: There is a door at the end of a dark, damp corridor. You hear rumbling.
What do you do?

Steven: Wait for the end of the bass solo then kick the drums back in. Popping the “1” obvs.

Wolf: Which of your characters is your favorite?
Steven: Phil, from the Incrementalists.

Wolf: Describe a meal you would be served while visiting another world.
Steven: I don’t know, but it has onions and garlic or I’m going home.

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