WOLF NOTES: An Uncommon Interview – Tatiana

081Welcome to WOLF NOTES, where interview questions stray from the rest of the pack. It’s nice to know the usual stuff like where an author gets their inspiration and why they write, but sometimes we need a little fun in our lives.

As a final farewell to 2017, I’ve decided to interview Tatiana Lenusy this week. Tatiana is the eighteen-year-old protagonist in Star Touched by A. L. Kaplan. She survived the Cataclysm but life hasn’t been easy. Neither was tracking her down for this interview.

Wolf: Welcome to Wolf Notes, Tatiana. If you could be any animal in the universe, what would it be and why?
Tatiana: Thank you, Wolf. I’d love to be a bird. That way I could fly anywhere I wanted, feel the wind in my feathers as I soared through the air. I’d be free, with no worries.

Wolf: That sounds nice. Any particular kind of bird?
Tatiana: Swallows are pretty and graceful. I love the way they glide.

Wolf: Sweet. Swallows are cool to watch. Would you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person?
Tatiana: I love all animals, but I suppose I’m partial to dogs right now. Fifi is very important to me.

Wolf: You mean that tiny poodle you’re bonded to?
Tatiana: I’d rather not talk about her. Please ask a different question.

Wolf: Sure. While walking through the woods you come upon…
Tatiana: Wild blueberries, a whole field of them. There are also wild carrots, dandelions, cat tails, and all sorts of other yummy foods.

Wolf: That sounds more like a grocery store. What is the strangest food you ever had?
Tatiana: Food is food these days. Although I did see someone else eat, well… something I really don’t want to talk about. I mean I’ll eat almost anything, but not…that. I’d rather starve. Not that I would. I’m pretty good at finding food in the wild.

Wolf: I’m not sure you really answered that one. Let’s try another. What do you do for fun?
Tatiana: Surviving is very time consuming, so I don’t have much free time, but when I do, I love to read. Doesn’t matter what. Fiction, history, science… I just love books. When I read I can be anyone and go anywhere. It’s a wonderful escape and I learn things.

Wolf: I agree. Books are pretty awesome. You’ve just been turned into a plant. Describe yourself.
Tatiana: That’s a tough one. I don’t like the idea of staying in one place. My roots would need to be movable. More like legs.

Wolf: A walking plant?
Tatiana: Yes. With a forest green stem and bright-green heart-shaped leaves with a splash of blue. They could be made into a tea that would cure any disease. I’d also grow clusters of tasty and nutritious berries. Each would be enough to fill your belly for a day.

Wolf: That sounds fantastic. Aren’t you worried people would hunt you down for those berries and leaves?
Tatiana: Oh. I didn’t think of that. Can I change my answer to a small inedible red flower with no useful purpose?

Wolf: Sorry. No take backs. There is a door at the end of a dark damp corridor. You hear rumbling. What do you do?
Tatiana: Open the door and try to fix whatever machine is malfunctioning.

Wolf: Are you a mechanic?
Tatiana: No, but I’ve read lots of books on fixing things.

Wolf: If you could choose any weapon, what would it be?
Tatiana: Knowledge. I don’t like weapons or fighting.

Wolf: If you could pick any super power, what would it be and why?
Tatiana: None!

Wolf: Really?
Tatiana: I don’t want ANY special powers. I just want to be a normal person. I need to go now.

Wolf: Wow, Tatiana ran out of here fast. If you want to know more about her, you’ll have to read Star Touched.

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