“Moonlight sends a shiver into night’s brisk sky.”

“You keep spouting poetry and I’m leaving,” said Gary.

Mark grinned. “I’m just trying to set the mood. Got the camera ready?”
“It’ll take pictures every ten seconds and I programed the mechanism to adjust automatically with the moon’s movement.”

“Super,” said Mark, rubbing his hands together. “This is going to be a magical night.”

Gary rolled his eyes, then tossed him a can of soda. “Don’t care how full the moon is or how perfectly aligned the stars are. All you’re going to get are pictures of a moon.”

“We’ll see.”


After several hours of listening to the camera click, Gary’s eyes started to feel heavy. Even the ancient oak he leaned on began to feel as soft as a feather bed. He drifted off to the sound of giggles. A sharp pain in his leg woke him up. Mark stood over him, holding the camera.

“What the hay,” he said, rubbing his leg.

“I’ve been trying to wake you for ten minutes. We fell asleep.”

“Surprising,” said Gary, with another eyeroll.

“Remember when you said we would only get pictures of the moon?”

Gary leaned back against the oak. “Did it magically turn to cheese?”

“Funny,” said Mark. “Check this out.”

Gary took the camera and flipped through the digital pictures. Half-way through, his jaw dropped. “Is that a.…”

“Yup. That’s a sprite’s bare butt and its drinking your Sprite. We got mooned. Told you there were fairies in these woods.”

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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