An Underground Library Society Guest Post by A.L. Kaplan

I had the pleasure of having a guest post with the Underground Library Society this week. Take a look. What book would you choose to become?

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I want to thank A. L. Kaplan for participating in my call for readers and writers to become members of the U.L.S.–The Underground Library Society.

Please visit her wonderful site: alkaplan expression through writing

Underground Library Society Post

A. L. Kaplan

I’ve been going back and forth on which book I would choose to become. Two of my favorite books growing up were Julie of the Wolves, by Jean Craighead George, and Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O’Dell. Both are about young girls forced to survive on their own. They also both find themselves in their situations because of people not native to their homes.

Miyax, also called Julie, is a 13-year-old Eskimo girl. Forced to marry another teen, she runs away and finds herself lost in the Alaskan wilderness. Through observation and the knowledge learned from her father, learns how to join a wolf pack.

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About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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4 Responses to An Underground Library Society Guest Post by A.L. Kaplan

  1. Jennie says:

    And you picked two of the best books. Terrific interview, and thank you!

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