Time Out

Electric umpires? From science fiction to reality.

America the Beautiful

Alan Zendell, July 21, 2019

As despicable as Donald Trump’s latest round of racist tweets were, and even more so the sound of 45,000 people at his North Carolina rally parroting his “send them back” chant, it’s Sunday, and I’d rather write about something that’s more fun. So I’m officially calling a time out, which segues nicely into today’s subject.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons and the rise of terrorism gave birth to the modern sub-genre of Dystopian fiction. My 2012 novel, The Portal, was one such, set a hundred years from now in an America hurt by reckless economic policies, misguided military adventures, and isolationism. But unlike the future I fear Trumpism portends, all is not misery and desolation in The Portal. Boys and girls still fall in love, (it’s basically a love story,) and America’s pastime is healthier than ever, serving as a welcome distraction for…

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