WOLF NOTES: An Uncommon Interview – L. C. Son

081Welcome to WOLF NOTES, where interview questions stray from the rest of the pack. It’s nice to know the usual stuff like where an author gets their inspiration and why they write, but sometimes we need a little fun in our lives.

MEL. C. Son has the life she’s always imagined and more. A wife to one and mom to three kids and a very regal Beagle, she would say she is living a life full of awesomeness!

Growing up, she spent hours reading comic books she “borrowed” from her older brother which inspired her love for heroes and all things fantasy and paranormal. Much like the characters she adored, she lives a duplicitous life. By day she works tirelessly to champion the employment of persons with severe disabilities. By night she puts on her wife-mom cape, sharing with her husband at their church and juggling their kid’s very active schedules.

Writing has always come second nature to her and a skill she uses in her professional career. Beautiful Nightmare is her first published work and she’s thrilled to finally bring to life the characters that have lived in the creative corners of her mind. Presently, she’s working on Book Two of the series and developing a chick-flick-novella

Wolf: If you could be any animal in the universe, what would it be and why?

L. C.: A lion. A lioness isn’t afraid to hunt and keep both her family and territory protected. With exception to walking without hind legs, I find little difference between me and a lioness.

Wolf: Remind me not to make you mad. What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

L. C.: I ate eel. I had a serious allergic reaction to it right afterward, so I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.

Wolf: Too bad. I like eel. If you had to pick a weapon, what would it be and why?

L. C.: A katana blade. It’s quiet and swift.

Wolf: Like a Lioness. Do you consider yourself a cat person, or a dog person?

L. C.: I’m a dog person. No contest. While I admire the independence of cats, I like how dogs actually act like they need you; even though they could subsist without humans just fine. It’s nice to be needed by those who don’t need you.

Beautiful_nightmare_eBook_coverWolf: Agreed. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

L. C.: Telekinesis. The ability to control things with my mind like Jean Grey or Professor X would be great. I could surely get more done in a day!

Wolf: Maybe. There is a door at the end of a dark, damp corridor. You hear rumbling. What do you do?

L. C.: Go the other way. Whatever is rumbling near the door is none of my business.

Wolf: Wise choice. What five items would you want to have in a post-cataclysmic world?

L. C.: My husband, three kids, and our dog. Together we can survive anything!

Wolf: I like the way you think. What is your favorite body of water and why? (river, ocean, waterfall, puddle, bottle…)

L. C.: A bottle. Not fond of water that’s too much for me to drink.

Wolf: What story are you working on now?

HE_eBook_cover_SMALLL. C.: I am wrapping up Hearts Eclipsed: A Beautiful Nightmare Companion Novella. It chronicles the downfall of Damina Nicaud’s love to one man and the rising of another. Narrated by both Jackson Nash and Dalcour Marchand, to see the story unfold from their eyes.

Wolf: I love your covers. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

L. C.: Re-watch my favorite television shows and movies like, Coming to America, Martin, Angel, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Princess Bride, This Christmas, Smallville, The Originals, and Interview with a Vampire.

Wolf: Thanks for joining us. Catch up with L. C. at these links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LCSonBooks
Amazon Author- https://amzn.to/2Heg3ay
Amazon book: https://amzn.to/2V63nWW
Goodreads https://bit.ly/2EwpEbl
Website- www.lcsonbooks.com

Star Touched

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