Who’s in Charge? Our Governors.

What are your thoughts on what’s going on?

America the Beautiful

Alan Zendell, April 13, 2020

Our country and the world are in the midst of a deadly pandemic. If this were a movie, serious actors would portray serious politicians consulting even more serious experts and pooling their resources. Politics would be but a sidebar. Even the most imaginative Hollywood producers couldn’t envision the sort of chaos and leadership vacuum we see in the United States today.

In times of national crisis we reflexively turn to our president for direction, reassurance, and comfort. We do that because of the examples of the past; FDR shepherding us through the Depression and World War 2, Winston Churchill taking the Battle of Britain on his shoulders, Dwight Eisenhower assuring us that we would not be obliterated by Soviet H-bombs, George W. Bush calming us after nine-eleven, Barrack Obama inheriting the worst financial crisis since Black Friday, 1929 and taking the helm with eloquent calm…

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