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Dedicated to all those who lost their battle with Covid-19. 2020 dawned under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic. Seven months in and we are still not out of danger. While some businesses have begun to open, many have not. … Continue reading

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Some Companies Still Don’t Get It

Originally posted on Talking Ethics:
J.C. Penney, a department store with 840 retail outlets in 49 states, filed for bankruptcy this month, 118 years after it was founded. The company hopes to reorganize, but 242 of its stores are closing…

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Magic In Stories!

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
( There is magic in stories. Magic is the transmutation of objects or the manipulation of the world in ways that move outside the realm of science. Whether or not magic…

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Black Lives Matter

I wrote this poem several years ago, but the sentiment hasn’t changed. It’s time to rededicate. We all live in one world, and without each other everyone loses. I support Black Lives Matter. GLASS SWAN Our world is like a … Continue reading

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Trump as Dictator

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
I try to avoid political posts in this blog, but I cannot remain silent. Our country and our democracy are under attack from the highest level of government–the President. Today, Donald…

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