Grady P Brown wrote this very timely post about Yellowstone’s super volcano. I say timely, because the Cataclysm in my novel Star Touched, has this volcano blowing it’s top. The date: August 12. Good thing there is magic a foot to thwart a total extinction. If you haven’t had a chance to read Star Touched yet, check it out.

Grady P Brown - Author

For years, I have been fascinated by the potential super volcano that will eventually erupt from Yellowstone Park. Underneath the park is a vast magma chamber that serves as the source of the parks volcanic activity such as the geysers and hot springs. However, if the magma chamber ruptures, it would cause the greatest volcanic eruption in human history. For thousands of years, that magma chamber has been stockpiling on magma, gases, and pressure. With all that destructive power accumulating, the resulting eruption would be beyond imagining.

Since high school, I have watched documentaries that talked about the consequences that could emerge from Yellowstone’s eruption. Based on the data, an eruption from this single super volcano has the power to cause a mass extinction level event that would rival or even surpass the extinction of the dinosaurs. North America would be blown into splinters, the planet would undergo a volcanic…

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