To Prosecute or Look Away

America the Beautiful

Alan Zendell, January 24, 2021

George Conway is a conservative Republican lawyer who was on the short list for two positions in the Trump administration in 2017. He did not receive the appointment as Solicitor General, and subsequently withdrew his name from consideration as the Director of the Civil Division of the Justice Department. At the same time, his wife of more than twenty years, Kellyanne Conway, was appointed senior advisor to Trump, a position she served in until shortly before the 2020 election.

While Kellyanne was one of Trump’s chief defenders and enablers throughout his term, George quickly became disillusioned with what he viewed as the president’s constant attacks on the Rule of Law. A staunch member of the Federalist Society, George Conway founded The Lincoln Project, a PAC whose only purpose was to defeat Trump’s bid for re-election, in December 2019.

Throughout Trump’s term, the Conways’ opposing…

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