Humpty Dumpty – What Happened After His Fall?

What a wonderful story of overcoming difficulties.

A Teacher's Reflections

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

So, what  really happened to Humpty after his fall?

“After the Fall” by Dan Santat tells the story.  It is one of the most innovative children’s picture books ever.  Humpty is ‘mended’… but not really.

“There were some parts that couldn’t be healed with bandages and glue.”

This is the beginning of the story, and children are immediately captivated.  Is it because of Humpty Dumpty?  No.  He is a character they know, yet it’s the words and illustrations on this page that make children think, “I feel that way sometimes.”

See that ladder?  It is throughout the book; ‘there’ and an obstacle in many everyday things he wants to do.

As the book goes on, Humpty cannot climb up.  The ladder to his wall is looming.  He just can’t do it, and he misses out…

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3 Responses to Humpty Dumpty – What Happened After His Fall?

  1. Jennie says:

    Thank you for sharing this book!


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