If you want hummingbirds to visit, the best plan is to plant flowers they feed on. They are attracted to bright colors, especially red. Feeders are great as well. You’ll want to put them up early in the spring to catch migrating birds.

Make sure you change the sugar mixture every 48 hours if its over 60 degrees. You don’t want these little beauties getting sick.

Photo by Joshua J Cotton

A hummingbird can’t survive on nectar alone. Most eat small insects and spiders that they pick from twigs or catch in midair. They also snag bugs visiting the flowers they drink from. Pollen makes a yummy snack as well, as does tree sap if another critter drills a hole for them.

Pick up a copy of Hummingbird: A Star Touched Story

Plagued by memories not her own, a young hummingbird struggles to decipher the visions and powers that set her apart from her fellow birds. But the road to awareness is fraught with danger that could doom her to repeat history. One step toward understanding. One stride toward survival. One leap toward flying free from the past.

“If you read Star Touched, you’ll love Hummingbird. If you haven’t read Star Touched, now you’ll want to. ~ Kathy Steinemann”


Sometimes it’s hard to be who you are meant to be.

Eighteen-year-old Tatiana is running from her past and her star-touched powers eight years after a meteor devastates earth’s population.

Her power to heal may be overshadowed by more destructive abilities. Fleeing the persecution of those like her, Tatiana seeks refuge in a small town she once visited. But this civil haven, in a world where society has broken down, is beginning to crumble.

Only by harnessing the very forces that haunt her can Tatiana save her friends…and herself.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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  1. Interesting. I just planted a couple of clematis ivies, and look forward to seeing hummingbirds buzzing around them. I wonder if hummingbirds like dandelions …

    Thanks, Amy!

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  2. winteroseca says:

    I love seeing hummingbirds at feeders! You get to watch them up close

    Liked by 1 person

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