Free Digital Copy of Hummingbird December 15-19, 2021

DisCon III is the third World Science Fiction Convention to be held in DC.

It’s also my first WorldCon.

To commemorate of this event, Hummingbird: A Star Touched Story will be available for free on December 15-19, 2021

HUMMINGBIRD: A Star Touched Story


Plagued by memories not her own, a young hummingbird struggles to decipher the visions and powers that set her apart from her fellow birds. But the road to awareness is fraught with danger that could doom her to repeat history.

One step toward understanding.

One stride toward survival.

One leap toward flying free from the past.

“If you read Star Touched, you’ll love Hummingbird. If you haven’t read Star Touched, now you’ll want to.”

~ Kathy Steinemann

“A delightful insight into the origins of one of my favorite characters in the Star Touched world!”

~ Maria V Snyder, New York Times best-selling author and PRISM Award Winner

“Set in the world of Star Touched, this short story puts the reader in the mind and body of a newly-hatched hummingbird. Except this is no ordinary hummingbird! Charming and captivating, and a must-read for anyone who loves watching birds.”

 ~ T. C. Weber, author of the BetterWorld cyberpunk trilogy and other works.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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