Pet Peeves

Well said, Mr. Glenn

Tom Glenn, Writer

I’ve spent a good deal of time in this blog talking about things I don’t like. A reader asked if I can summarize my aversions. I can’t, but I can list them.

Almost all my dislikes are focused on facets of life influenced by government. One bunch is made up of governmental functions that distort the will of the people. I oppose the filibuster because it stops the political majority from carrying out the will of the people by empowering the minority to prevent a measure from becoming law. I’m against the electoral college for essentially the same reason: it allows the minority to defeat the majority of voters in choosing our president. Voting suppression also permits the minority to stop majority voters from casting their ballots.

A second category is governmental regulation that protects the wealthy minority while reducing the income of the middle class and the poor. Heading…

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