ConTinual Convention Hot Off the Press 81

Hot Off the Press

Authors and their new releases

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“Hot off the Press 81 has a bit of something for everyone this Halloween season with new releases from Paige L. Christie, J.D. Estrada, John L. French, A.L. Kaplan, Gini Koch, Lucienne LeBeau, Patricia Sargeant, Marisa Wolf, and host James P. Nettles. Romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, poetry and short stories abound to load up your to-be-read pile!”


Sometimes a blessing can be a curse.

Young Maya bears the mark of the moon goddess, a sign that would doom her to sacrifice in her village where the death god is revered. Forced to dye her golden eyes dark, Maya lives in constant fear of discovery. To save her family and the village’s future, she must find the courage to stand up to the high priest before he can bring the death god into this world.

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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