Cabbages Not Kings

Jane Lindskold brings up some important thoughts on The Lord of the Rings. I love both books and movies.

What say you?

Jane Lindskold: Wednesday Wanderings

Two Great Tastes

This week has shaped up busier than I expected, even as I wrote about my busy start of the year last week. The page proofs for A New Clan in mass market arrived roughly two months earlier than I expected them, and with a shorter deadline. Deep sigh.

Last week, in my FF, I asked a question. Several people indicated an interest in my thoughts, and so here they are. Thus follows my wanderings on how two of Jackson’s more significant omissions to the Lord of the Rings saga in the movies change the emphasis of Tolkien’s original story.

Let me start by stressing that I really liked the movies. Jim and I saw each one in the theater (and if you know us, you realize that’s a Big Thing). We bought the expanded versions. We have watched them several times.

However, we’ve also read the books…

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4 Responses to Cabbages Not Kings

  1. I remember reading the books and the differences between them and the movies. There is (I haven’t checked in a while if it’s still up) a good YouTube Channel that discussed differences between books and movies called What’s the Difference? They did LOTR among many others.


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