Ever wonder what happens when a wand of wonder explodes? I found out the first time I played D&D. So many butterflies…
Check out what Jane Lindskold has to say about one of her characters.

Jane Lindskold: Wednesday Wanderings

Greetings, Dandy Silverstone!

They’ve probably changed the rules by now, but way back in the dark ages (mid-1980s) when I started playing AD&D, a human fighter, beginning level, was (according to some table I no longer have access to) assumed to be something like sixteen to eighteen years old. A half-elf with the same basic abilities was assumed to be quite a bit older, like in their eighties.

This niggled at me until one day the solution came to me: It simply takes elves a long time to learn anything. They aren’t stupid. (After all, elves are known to be brilliant.) However, maybe as a result of their very long lives, they have no incentive to learn anything, so they don’t bother.

From this, I came up with one of the most restful characters I’ve ever played: Kymbree Silverstone. The surname was taken from a then popular alternative to Teflon…

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