My Saturday RavenCon Schedule

RavenCon 16 is this weekend at the Virginia Crossings Tapestry Collection by Hilton, in Glen Allen, Virginia. Three days of fun.

Here is where you can find me on Saturday, April 22, 2023:

1 pm – 2:30 pm (Workshop/Presentation) Can Cows Have Wings? / Buckingham (Jefferson Building, 2nd floor)

Having a great story isn’t enough. If the world your characters live in isn’t believable, it won’t hold your readers. Learn how to create an environment that will grab your audience even if you have a purple cow flying over Washington, DC. (This workshop is geared toward adults and/or teen writers. Participants should bring writing materials.)

5 pm (Panel) Creating Memorable Character Names / Henry (Jefferson Building, 3rd floor)

The naming of things is complicated. It gets even more so when you are naming your characters. Our panelists will talk dos and don’ts and how to make your character names memorable, but also reflective of who your character is at heart. Panelists: Jude-Marie Green, A.L. Kaplan (M)

6:25 pm – 6:50 pm (Reading) Fairfax Library (Jefferson Building, 2nd floor)


Sometimes a blessing can be a curse.

Young Maya bears the mark of the moon goddess, a sign that would doom her to sacrifice in her village where the death god is revered. Forced to dye her golden eyes dark, Maya lives in constant fear of discovery. To save her family and the village’s future, she must find the courage to stand up to the high priest before he can bring the death god into this world.


Plagued by memories not her own, a young hummingbird struggles to decipher the visions and powers that set her apart from her fellow birds. But the road to awareness is fraught with danger that could doom her to repeat history.

One step toward understanding.

One stride toward survival.

One leap toward flying free from the past.



A Hidden Past – A Deadly Secret

Gifted with the ability to wolf-talk, Kara has lived with the wolves since she lost her memories eight years ago. Now at sixteen, snippets of her past send her searching for answers.

But the warm welcome she receives in the human village hides more danger than life with the pack.


About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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