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The Billionaires’ Space Race

Originally posted on America the Beautiful:
Alan Zendell, July 20, 2021 This morning’s Blue Horizon launch of four people into “near space,” was perfect by every standard. It went off precisely on time, going straight up, as advertised, to a…

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Kalak S. 5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating glimpse into a surprising perspective from the world of Star Touched I can say with certainty that this short but exciting vignette makes for a great read whether it is your introduction … Continue reading

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Maria V. Snyder’s skill in creating fascinating worlds with intricate societies strikes true again in The City of Zirdai. This exciting tale has several twists as Shyla struggles to learn about magic and the power of The Eyes of Tambourah, … Continue reading

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The Underground Library Society

Originally posted on Andrew McDowell:
Many thanks to author and blogger Charles F. French for this opportunity, inspired by the Underground Library Society in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, where I discuss one of my favorite classic stories—why it’s so special…

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Preschoolers and Memorial Day

Originally posted on A Teacher's Reflections:
How do I teach preschoolers about Memorial Day? I start at the beginning, with a great book that teaches children about America. I teach them how to sing “God Bless America”, starting by…

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Don’t let their diminutive size fool you. Hummingbirds can be very aggressive and have been known to attack much larger birds. They are also extremely territorial and will guard their food sources fiercely. Even so, hummingbirds have many predators that … Continue reading

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May Self-Promotion Party!

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
(Photo by Oleg Magni on Hello everyone! It’s past mid-May, the weather is turning warmer, and it’s time for a self-promotion party! Be proud of your writing! Share your book(s)…

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Our Wish Tree

Originally posted on A Teacher's Reflections:
What is a Wish Tree? Wikipedia says: A wish tree is an individual tree, usually distinguished by species, position or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings.  Such trees…

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When the prose gets in the way of your story

Originally posted on Michael A. Ventrella:
I often find myself yelling at the screen during certain movies and shows. “Just hold the damn camera still, you moron!” Hand-held cameras that jiggle all over the place make me wonder how a…

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When Side Characters Become Interesting

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Teagan Berry ? A little more than a year ago, I was hard at work on a novella about a main character from my in-the-process-of-editing book trilogy. This main character made…

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