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Before and After #MeToo

Originally posted on rachelmankowitz:
??????????? I’ve been thinking about the #MeToo movement a lot, especially in the shadow of the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement, which has led to both protests and intensive discussions over the past months. The parallels…

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A.L. Kaplan Wins Flash Fiction Challenge Popular Vote

A.L. Kaplan is the Readers’ Choice in this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge. The winning entry is decided by the popular vote and rewarded with a special feature here today. To read the story, DIRECTIONS, visit Indies Unlimited.

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Jackie Robinson Day

Originally posted on America the Beautiful:
Alan Zendell, August 29, 2020 When disparate events converge toward a critical focal point my spiritual side takes over. I can’t resist the implications of an unlikely confluence of circumstances. Every year since 2004,…

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My New Thing I Tried In August: Writing Schedule

Originally posted on mythoughtsonwritingandreading:
Since the start of the year I have committed myself to the goal of writing 500 words a day. Admittedly, this goal started falling apart around the same time our world did and I’ve been struggling…

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Originally posted on Grady P Brown – Author: For years, I have been fascinated by the potential super volcano that will eventually erupt from Yellowstone Park. Underneath the park is a vast magma chamber that serves as the source…

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Originally posted on Grady P Brown – Author: Because Trump has made wearing a mask a political and cultural issue instead of a health and safety issue, a lot of his supporters have been verbally attacking people for wearing…

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Never take it personally

Originally posted on Michael A. Ventrella:
There are classic movies that critics love that don’t interest me in the slightest. Oh sure, I can acknowledge they’re well directed, well acted, well written — but the subject matter bores me. And…

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Trump’s Attack On Democracy

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
(Photo by Sharefaith on What happened the other night in Portland, Oregon should have all Americans who believe in the Constitution, Freedom, and Democracy outraged and frightened. Please do not…

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The Purple Snapdragon

Originally posted on A Teacher's Reflections:
Dear Purple Snapdragon, Your stalk grew too tall. You fell over every day. I cradled you and propped you up. Nothing worked.  Nothing helped. Finally I let you go. I put you in…

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Rest In Peace Rep. John Lewis

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
( The United States of America lost an heroic figure with the passing of Representative John Lewis on Friday from pancreatic cancer.  (1940-2020) Mr. Lewis was a major figure in the…

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