20150129_133654Everywhere that Snowball looked he saw sad faces and drooped shoulders. Sally at the salon pat his head and gave a halfhearted smile. Even Happy Harold from the hardware store looked dejected.

All the gloomy faces made Snowball’s big brown eyes feel as blue as the clear sky. Snow Town hadn’t had any precipitation in months. Now it looked like there wouldn’t be a white Christmas. Tourists didn’t want to visit a snowless Snow Town. Some had already turned around to head for damper locations, making the town’s future look dim.

Snowball shivered, but not from the biting cold or the wind that whipped his fur up into a demented pom-pom. Five years ago he’d been a frightened, scrawny, half-starved pup. The people of Snow Town rescued him and gave him a loving new forever home. Now it was his turn to help them. If only he could make it snow.

The smell of Peta’s meat pie from the pizza place made Snowball’s mouth water. He had to stop and shake the delicious smell from his mind so he could focus on finding snow. Pizza couldn’t help. Or could it? Snowball jumped onto the counter and grabbed a jar of parmesan. With bounding leaps he spread the stuff around town, covering it with a layer of delicious white cheese. It didn’t take long for his people to understand his plan and join in the sprinkling. A few Facebook posts later, tourists flocked to see the best smelling ‘snowdrifts’ ever.

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I’m delighted to announce that I just signed a contract for my first novel with Intrigue Publishing. The projected release date for STARTOUCHED is November 1, 2017.

Keep an eye out for more information.


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Voices jabber around me like crows, spitting harsh, cold words. They battle over differences, snubbing those who are not the same.

Invisible, I walk among them, whispering brotherhood. Lift one up, steady another. Silent, unseen, I plant compassion

A spark of truth births understanding. Only to be beaten down by those who refuse to accept. Even the flame of truth can’t survive a tsunami of ignorance and hate.

I take a deep breath, then move through them again. I cannot cease. I will not, until the squalls and misunderstandings are resolved. Until all the world sings together.

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A Little Something For Cat Lovers

Back when I submitted my story, Mark of the Goddess, for In A Cat’s Eye, the publisher asked for my favorite cat story. I remember wracking my brains trying to think of any stories I had read about cats and coming up blank. I’m more of a dog lover and wolf fanatic. Cats, well, I like them just fine – in other people’s houses.

the-boy-who-drew-catsAfter several days of hitting my head on the desk because all I’d come up with was The Cat In The Hat, I finally remembered  The Boy Who Drew Cats.
The book I have was rewritten by Arthur A. Levine and illustrated by Frédéric Clément. It’s based on an ancient Japanese legend that was translated in the late 1800’s.







Go ahead and check it out. And don’t forget to get a copy of In A Cat’s Eye for yourself or your favorite cat lover.



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20161115_083910E Pluribus Unum

Out Of Many, One

Embrace America’s Diversity

End The Hate

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Goodreads Givaway for In A Cat’s Eye until November 11, 2016

Here’s your chance to win a copy of




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A. L. Kaplan Wins Another Flash Fiction Challenge

A. L. Kaplan is the Readers’ Choice in this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge. The winning entry is decided by the popular vote and rewarded with a special feature on Indies Unlimited.




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