Ape Case

“Please, believe me,” I sign.

Kate looks skeptical. Can’t say I blame her. Who expects an orangutan to claim to be your human boyfriend? If I don’t get that antidote soon, I’ll be stuck as an orange haired ape for the rest of my life. I don’t want Kate to be my zoo keeper. Besides, I have to stop Jimmy.

DNA experimentation is always a risk, but Jimmy and I came up with a safe shape-shifting elixir. He just wanted to test it one last time. Boy was I a fool. Never even saw the tranquilizer gun. Next thing I knew, there was Jimmy, walking across the Whitehouse lawn toward the president. Jimmy hates this administration. I had to warn him. Maybe I did go a little ‘ape’ when I climbed onto the lawn and jumped the guards, but I had no choice. Now I’m the one stuck in this zoo prison. Jimmy was still out there.

“Please,” I sign again. “Just get the vial of antidote I hid outside the park gate and you’ll see. The president’s life is in danger.”

I pace the enclosure, waiting for her return. My heart pounds. I only have a few minutes before I’m stuck as an ape. Finally, Kate walks in, a small vial in her hand.

“This what you’re looking for Paul?” her blue eyes match the liquid in the vial. “Thanks for telling me the hiding place. Jimmy and I would never have found it without your help.”

About A. L. Kaplan

I am a writer, artist, and parent.
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