Countdown to the Day of Reckoning – 9 Days – Supervolcano

IMG_0477Tour guide: Welcome to Yellowstone National Park. I hope you enjoy our visit. By the way, you are standing in the caldera of a geologically active supervolcano.

Me: Wait. What? Shouldn’t they have mentioned that before entering the park?

At least 48 super-eruptions have been discovered by geologist, but what does that mean?

The volcanic explosivity index goes to 8 and that’s where a supervolcano hangs. They can spew 240 cubic miles of material. Pressure builds up in these volcanoes until they blow big time.


So, what would happen if Yellowstone supervolcano had another VEI 8 eruption? It would probably blanket much of the United States under a blanket of ash. A friend of mine lived in Seattle around the time Mt. St. Helen erupted. One of the biggest problems was the ash. Even a thin coat can make roads slick and clog up filters. You don’t want to be breathing that stuff.

It would also cool things down a bit for a few years. Think mini ice age.

No need to worry. There have been no signs that any of the world’s supervolcanoes will erupt anytime soon. The last time one went was 26,500 years ago in New Zealand.

For more information check these site:


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