Book Review: Star Touched

Check out this wonderful review that Kayla Krantz wrote.

Author Kayla Krantz

Title: Star Touched

Author: A.L. Kaplan



Eighteen-year-old Tatiana is running from her past and her
star-touched powers. Her power to heal may be overshadowed by more destructive
abilities. Fleeing the persecution of those like her, Tatiana seeks refuge in a
small town she once visited. But this civil haven, in a world where society has
broken down, is beginning to crumble. Will Tatiana flee or stay and fight for
the new life she has built? Only by harnessing the very forces that haunt her
can Tatiana save her friends and herself.

My Review


I loved everything there was to love about this book from poor star-touched
Tatiana to her amazing little sidekick.

a lifetime on the run for her powers, Tatiana has finally found a place she can
call home. Not everyone accepts her, but for once, she is at peace, and she…

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