I’ll be attending Virtual Balticon this year

Maryland’s Regional (Virtual)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
May 22-25, 2020

It’s Free and Open to All

Here is my schedule

You’ll need to register for each event to get the link, but it is free

Saturday, May 23, 11AM
What Makes a Compelling Fantasy Religion?
Kim Hargan (Moderator), Daniel M. Ford, A.L. Kaplan, Mary G. Thompson
Throughout history, religion has motivated people to perform acts of both great altruism and unbelievable cruelty.  A fantasy setting featuring a complex and consistent religion offers opportunities to explore deep, nuanced characters and plots. Which creators are notable for crafting believable and interesting religions, and what kind of stories have they been able to tell with them?
50 minutes
Literary, Religion
Saturday, May 23, 1PM
YA As Its Own Genre
Mary Fan, Starla Huchton, A.L. Kaplan, Mary G. Thompson
YA is often set aside as its own genre in bookstores, libraries, and suggested reading lists. Like children’s literature, it is frequently categorized by expected reader age, rather than style or content. How is a book classified as YA, and what differentiates it from adult books? Has this classification been beneficial to YA literature, or has it had a negative effect?
50 minutes.
Literary, Reading
Monday, May 25, 10AM
Reading: Kaplan and Smale
A.L. Kaplan, Alan Smale
50 minutes
Live Reading
Monday, May 25, 2PM
Outlining vs. Pantsing
A.L. Kaplan (Moderator), Charles Brown, J.L. Gribble, Vivian Shaw, Ryan Van Loan
Some storytellers require a detailed outline to start fleshing out their story, but others prefer to write by the seat of the pants. What are some techniques to help you get better at one when you prefer the other?
50 minutes


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