A Tale of Two Dale Chihuly’s – Part 2

This art inspired poetry book is priceless.

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 1, I discovered a magnificent Dale Chihuly work of art at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.  The glass structure is 21 feet tall and titled “Flame of Liberty”.  In the same museum is a Peace Portal, a structure with wrought iron legs and a stained glass canopy.  I recreated that Peace Portal in my classroom, with heavy cardboard tubes for legs that children decorated, and ‘stained glass’ created by children for the canopy.

That Peace Portal drew children in.  They wanted to be there, under the canopy.  I interviewed the children, asking them how it felt sitting beneath a Peace Portal.  Their answers were astounding, and became poetry.  It was natural that a classroom poetry book was born, The Aqua Room Peace Poetry Book.

Part 2
I would like to read that book to you:

Stayed tuned for Part 3, my second Dale Chihuly.  It’s…

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